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Honeycomb launcher is the closest you can get to Android 3.2 with out actually updating. Anything in the UI of 3.2 you can expect it to be in Honeycomb Launcher.

Honeycomb Dock Bar

Its all there. The launcher includes all soft-buttons, the honeycomb clock, and now it even included notifications.

Grid-Size 9x9

This launcher has a very large grid so you can place your icons and widgets almost anywhere.

Google Search Bar

Have you looked for the 3.2 search bar but had no results? Well, it is pre installed in the launcher and works flawlessly.

Honeycomb launcher is one of the only launchers available which offers free pre-installed applications by Team Syndicate.

These apps will allow you to push your device even further into making it look like Android Honeycomb. Many of these useful pre-installs are actual tools for the launcher to help the user enjoy there new home.

Pre-installed Apps

Honeycomb Updater

Want to check for an update for HCL? Well, now you can. All you have to do is open the updater app and check for the latest build.

Honeycomb Wallpaper Chooser

You can now pick and choose any Honeycomb styled wallpaper you want from our new sleek wallpaper chooser.

Honeycomb Clocks

To add even more Honeycomb style to your device, we have pre-installed some Honeycomb clocks as widgets.

Need help?

If you ever find yourself lost in the launcher or having issues, now you can quickly find help from the launcher manual.

When Honeycomb Launcher was first released it had some major issues in functionality. I would want to Force Close on almost every device. But its our fault. HCL was the first big launcher we have ever built. So it was basically the testing grounds for what we can do. We have tried very much, failed and succeeded. But it was time...for a next big thing

A rebuild of HCL was successfully developed and published. It is know as V1.8.0.0. This new rebuilt launcher brought many more features and designs as well as support to a larger platform of devices. The launcher will not force close as much on non AOSP devices.

Honeycomb launcher is now even faster! During the rebuild we combined many files and layouts together to cut down on the data and app size. This was a huge success and is definitely noticeable in every day use of Honeycomb Launcher.

Brilliantly Rebuilt

One of the newest features added to Android is the running apps carousel. This special feature is like no other. It will show exactly what your device is running, just as the title states.

This can be very useful as it can be used to quickly access any running app on the device. It may also be used as a task manager. You can quickly view what CPU hog is running so you an quit the application or kill it. This will greatly save your daily use of battery.

Of course, we had to add the carousel to the launcher because it is on the official update, but we are not skilled enough to make it similar... at all. Our running apps carousel is currently hard coded so it will not display the true running apps. But hey, it sure looks cool!

Running Apps Carousel

Not only do you get the full UI clone in the launcher, but you also get the settings clone. This clone will make your settings menus look like Honeycomb’s settings.

Within the Android Settings, we have also included the launchers settings. This panel will give you all information about Honeycomb launcher and the ability to change the settings for the home screen. Such as hiding the icon labels, enabling screen bounce, and hiding the notification bar.

Custom Honeycomb Settings

From the settings panel you can choose “Launcher Settings” to change anything about the launcher.

Launcher Settings

Adjust anything within the launcher UI

External Honeycomb Apps

Download any apps that are not pre-bundled

Honeycomb Tutorial

View the startup tutorial incase you decided to skip it

Honeycomb Launcher

HCL - A Perfect Clone