Launchers are the home for any Android device. It is what makes your device so unique and special. But, in order to make your device unique and stand out, you must have the right launcher for the job. Syndicate Apps is known for offering free launchers that are very powerful and customizable. One of the greatest launchers is Omega Launcher. Omega has the ability to make any device anything it wants. Whether it be stock android or an iOS look alike, Omega can get the job done smooth and quick!

Tools and Utilities

Along with our highly rated launchers, we offer many tools and utilities that will make your every day life simply easier. With many apps and tools available for free, you can control what you want and when. Such as AutoMate. It is a simple app that allows you to choose when controls like WiFi, volume, gps, and more, will enable or disable automatically. You will never forget to turn your wifi off when you leave in the morning and turn it back on when you come home again! Along with AutoMate, we also offer many more great apps and utilities which many are also included in our launchers to create one bundled package…for free!

Themes and Mods

Why have a boring stock looking UI when you can have a colorful and tasteful screen that stands out? Themes are one of the greatest things that you can use to make your device seem like new. With themes, the possibilities are endless…especially with Omega. A simple theme can literally transform your device UI to anything you want. To take customization to another level, you can now even apply font, icon, and preference packs that will instantly change the look and feel of your device!

Develop Something

Do you have a great idea for a theme or another other add-on? Well, we have set up a special site just for this. Here you can find easy to understand tutorials to make themes and packages on your own. We include all of the files and instructions required to make what you want. You just need to edit the files to your likings and swap the theme-able images for what you want. When you are done, you can instantly hare it with others and even upload it to Google Play!

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